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Many New Jersey singles complaints arise from new relationship anxiety. Today, upscale New Jersey matchmakers show you how to handle those feelings of anxiety and ensure you get your relationship off to a healthy start.

New relationships are filled with excitement, exhilaration, and many butterflies in the stomach. You know exactly what we’re talking about: that feeling of floating high in the clouds and never wanting to come down.

However, when things take a turn and those butterflies make you want to hurl, something is going on… You have new relationship anxiety. A slight feeling of anxiety is normal; after all, this is a new relationship. You don’t know where things are going or where they’re going to end, so a little anxiety is to be expected.

This is a typical feeling we all experience when embarking on something new, whether it’s pursuing a new career, buying a new house, or entering a new relationship. Basically, anything that makes you step out of your comfort zone will give you a little anxiety.

If you’re feeling a little bit of anxiety with the new person you’re dating, believe us, it will pass. It will pass as soon as you start getting familiar with each other and growing more secure in the relationship you have together. But when does it become a concern?

new jersey singles complaints

What Type of Anxiety Is Harmful?

Are you experiencing one of the following anxieties due to your new relationship?

  • Rapid heart palpitations
  • Extreme fears
  • Feeling desperate
  • Not understanding how someone could love you
  • Inability to sleep at night
  • Negative thoughts about the relationship
  • Feeling increasingly clingy
  • Wanting to be with your partner every second & pushing them away because of it
  • Becoming too controlling of the relationship
  • Becoming too sensitive about the relationship

None of these things make you a bad partner or someone who doesn’t deserve to be in a relationship. On the contrary, this makes you a better dater. You’re realizing you’re doing something wrong and taking the necessary steps to fix it and ensure you get your relationship started off on the right foot. Our matchmakers give you a round of applause for stepping up and taking responsibility for your romantic life.

What Makes You Feel Anxious in a Brand New Relationship?

  • If you’ve been single for a long time, getting into a new relationship will definitely give you anxiety. After all, you have been single for a while, so bringing someone else into your life will require stepping out of your comfort zone.


  • If you have been hurt in the past, then getting into a new relationship may trigger those painful memories. You might start to believe that this person will hurt you too, which will cause anxiety for you.


  • You suffer from self-esteem issues. You don’t believe you’re good enough to be in a relationship, and you don’t understand why this fabulous catch is giving you a chance.


  • You are stereotyping genders based on past experiences. Remember, at the end of the day, everyone is unique. Just because someone hurt in you in the past doesn’t mean this new person is going to hurt you too. When you expect something to happen based on stereotypes, you’ll become anxious and could potentially sabotage your own dating life.


  • You’re projecting your feelings from past relationships onto this one.


  • You’re afraid of commitment. As a result, you’re over-analyzing everything with your new love interest.


  • You’re allowing negative influences to cloud your mind. If you let friends reinforce stereotypes, you’ll become anxious of your new relationship. There is a difference between people giving you friendly comments and people bringing you down to join them in their own misery. Misery loves company, but you don’t have to accept the invitation.


Here at New Jersey Singles, we know you must tackle these issues head on. If you don’t combat your anxiety, you will break the trust and connection you have with your new partner. A patient partner who cares about you might stick by and help you figure out what’s wrong, but in a new relationship that hasn’t even gotten off the ground yet, you run the chance of scaring your new partner away.

Many New Jersey singles complaints are based on dating and relationship anxiety. But as you can tell, it’s not hard to fix once you know what’s causing it.

How to Fix New Relationship Anxiety

You can talk to your partner about it if there is something specifically bothering you, but you shouldn’t put the burden on them. This is something you should work on fixing on your own.


Seriously, it’s time to let go of all those “what if” questions and start enjoying your new relationship. You must let go of the things you can’t control so you can relax and enjoy this time with your new love interest.

Examine Your Expectations

If you have already created an entire life plan midway through your second date, it’s time to reassess your expectations. You’re placing way too much pressure on yourself, your new partner, and the relationship you’re trying to create. Take a step back and let things progress at their natural pace.

Work Out

This one might sound simple (and unrelated to romance), but take it from us, it will help you let go of a lot of your dating anxiety. Exercising is a fantastic way to relieve stress and balance out your everyday anxiety—relationship anxiety included. Plus, it will boost your confidence and make you feel more secure in yourself and the relationship.

Don’t Neglect Yourself or Your Own Life

Just because you’re in a new relationship doesn’t mean the rest of your life should suffer. You can’t expect to spend every second with your new partner. It is unfair to them and to you, as well. You must maintain your independence, including your own social circle, as well as hobbies and interests.

Be patient and learn to manage your anxiety. Don’t let new relationship anxiety ruin your new relationship.

Our expert matchmakers have tackled many New Jersey singles complaints stemming from new relationship anxiety, and we’re confident we can help you too. Follow these insightful tips to combat your romantic anxieties and create a strong and healthy bond with your new partner.

So tell us, did these tips help you work through your new relationship anxiety? Are you enjoying the thrill of your new relationship? If you liked this article, share it with your friends on Facebook and help us spread the love!

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