New Jersey Singles Reviews 5 Signs He Regrets Dumping You

Just because your ex-boyfriend dumped you doesn’t mean he’s truly over the relationship.  You might’ve moved on, but could he still be hung up on you.  Yes, you read that right… It happens often.  Even if he was the one to call it quits, there’s a chance he might regret his decision.

As we all know, most men are prideful and won’t admit when they do something wrong.  Yes, sometimes that makes things more complicated for women.  So if your ex has been acting weird lately, know that he might be suffering through a thing called “breakup remorse.”

To help you figure out whether he’s come down with a bad case of breakup remorse, our matchmakers are here to help.  Today, New Jersey Singles reviews five telltale signs he’s regretful of leaving you.

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1. He’s Been Hanging Around Your Best Friends

Once upon a time, your girlfriends lived a normal life.  Then, one day your ex decided to wreak havoc in their lives and bombard them with endless messages about you.  If your girlfriends are getting annoyed with the sudden—and unwelcome—messages from your ex, then he definitely still has feelings for you.  This is one of the most common signs he’s regretful of leaving you.

2. He’s Been in Touch with Your Fam

If the relationship was long-term, then chances are he developed a relationship with your family members.  Now, if he was truly over you, then he wouldn’t want anything to do with them.  But if he didn’t burn the bridges and continues to be in touch with them, then he definitely has feelings for you.  If he’s been in touch with them and asking about you, that’s a surefire sign he regrets dumping you.

3. He Stalks You Through Facebook

He never comments on your status, he never sends you any private messages, but he likes everything you do.  This is his way of giving you the subtle hint that he’s sorry for dumping you.  You can either say yes and give him a second chance or remove him from your friends list.  It’s your call.

4. He Calls You After a Few Drinks

Sober guys keep their behavior in check.  But that all changes when they have a drink or two.  If your ex calls and texts you after he’s had a few drinks, then he’s definitely doing it because he misses you.  His true feelings come to the surface once he has a little liquid courage.

5. He Admits It Himself

Who are we to question if he’s already told you his confession?  If he’s already said he’s regretful of dumping you, then you better believe it.  Just because he’s admitting to feeling regretful doesn’t mean you owe him the chance of getting back together.  Take your time and get your broken heart back together before you decide how to proceed.  Take your time moving on.  It’s what you deserve after being dumped by someone you gave your whole heart to.

There you have it, the telltale signs he regrets giving you up.  He’s clearly regretful for cutting ties and now wants you back.  Yes, you can forgive him, but you should always do it at your own pace—and only if you want to.

Have you ever been dumped by a guy who came back begging you for forgiveness?  How did you know he wanted to give it another try?  Share your comments with us on our Facebook page.

If you’re healed and ready to start meeting relationship-minded men in New Jersey, contact our matchmaking team here at New Jersey Singles and let us introduce you to the one.  Call 1 (888) 417-0020 to book your FREE matchmaking consultation with our expert matchmakers today!

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