New Jersey Singles Reviews 6 Signs of a Possessive Girlfriend

Extreme jealousy is unhealthy.  There are a lot of couples who think it’s okay to be jealous and accept jealousy from their partners.  However, as professional matchmakers, we know too much jealousy is never healthy.  There’s a difference between being concerned and being jealousy.  And you definitely don’t want to cross the line into jealousy.  Constant phone checking, complaining and questioning will only end up driving one partner away.  If you’re dating a woman who’s acting a little jealous, it can be downright annoying.

If your relationship has reached a serious point, then you must walk away before it gets worse.  No one wants to start the new year with negativity.

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews signs of a jealous and possessive girlfriend you can’t afford to ignore.  If you spot these signs, then you know what you need to do.

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1. She panics when you don’t answer the phone.

This is a telltale sign of a jealous and possessive girlfriend.  If you miss one call, do you get bombarded with messages questioning why you didn’t answer?  If the answer is yes, then you know she’s jealous.  She just can’t bear the fact that you didn’t answer her call.  In her mind, you were probably with another woman.

2. She expects you to give her minute-by-minute plays.

If your girlfriend expects you to tell her every single detail of your life, that’s a red flag she’s possessive.  Where did you go for breakfast?  What did you eat?  What time did you go to the bathroom?  Etc, etc.  Your life is no longer private because she expects to know every detail.  Being concerned and caring is one thing, but she’s taken it to the extreme.  Get to know these signs and put an end to it right now if you spot them.

3. Suspicious is her last name.

Does your girlfriend have all your passwords for your social media accounts?  Does she have access to your cell phone?  She might have taken the passwords from you after days of fighting.  But that’s not fair.  These are clear signs of an unhealthy relationship.  You don’t want to be with a woman who is stalking your social media pages and has no trust in you.

4. She fights in public.

Let’s face it, no one wants to get into a fight in public.  If your girlfriend doesn’t know how to keep her cool in public settings, that’s a major red flag for you.  When your girlfriend starts picking fights with you in public, and starts to scream out loud, you should definitely put a stop to that by ending the relationship.  You are clearly in a toxic relationship.

5. She tags along with you everywhere you go.

You no longer know the meaning of “me time” because your girlfriend tags along everywhere you go.  Together forever is her favorite quote.  If she tags along even when you’re going to guys’ night out, then she’s jealous and possessive.  She does this because she doesn’t want you hanging out with anyone without her.  She doesn’t trust you, which is why she goes along everywhere you go.

6. She doesn’t tolerate late responses.

Have you ever made the mistake of replying late to one of her texts?  Even five minutes late is enough to make her angry.  Every time you get a text from her, she expects you to drop whatever you’re doing to send her a reply.  It doesn’t matter if you’re in the middle of a work conference, getting on a plane, or just getting out of the shower, she doesn’t tolerate a late response.  Your girlfriend expects you to reply right away.

There’s nothing worse than being in a relationship with a woman who is jealous and possessive.  So tell us, has your girlfriend shown any of the signs our matchmakers mentioned above?  If so, it’s time to end this toxic relationship now before it takes a turn for the worst.

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