New Jersey Singles Reviews Holiday Survival Tips for Singles

Tis the season where the only thing single people want to do is hide at home in their pajamas with a flask full of eggnog and a plate full of delicious Christmas cookies, while they curse Santa for not bringing them a special someone to share the romantic season with. If you’re one of the many singles in New Jersey who is dreading spending the holidays alone, don’t panic. Don’t let the fear of being single over the holidays get the best of you. Today, New Jersey Singles reviews how to survive the holidays alone.

single for christmas

1. Spend Time with Your Loved Ones

When there’s no significant other to consider, you can decide what you want to do when you want to do it. You don’t have any in-laws competing for your time so you can make more time for your friends and family. Our dating advice for singles over the holidays is to take huge advantage of their free time. You don’t have to worry about someone else’s loved ones, which means you get to spend more time with yours.

2. Do What You Like

Since you’re single, you have free time to do whatever you want. If you like working out, then go to the gym. If you enjoy traveling, take a trip. If you like dancing, then go to a dance class. You don’t need a boyfriend or girlfriend—a husband or wife—do to the things you like. The only one you need is you. You can rekindle friendships with old friends or take a cruise with other singles. Yes, there is such a thing, so get out and enjoy meeting other singles.

3. Don’t Stress It Out

You’re single, so what? It’s not a status or a death sentence. And stress won’t help you meet Mr. or Mrs. Right. You know what stress will do? It will make you gain weight and wrinkles. Put your extra energy and frustration towards something positive. Hang out with friends, go to fairs and festivals, do your holiday shopping, decorate your home, and do your holiday baking.

4. Nip Negativity in the Rear

As matchmakers, we know that you wish you had a partner right now. But instead of letting it get the best of you and allowing it to make you negative, nip negativity in the rear. Don’t say things like, “All the good ones are taken,” or “I’ll be single forever.” Replace those sayings with things like, “I’m attractive, I will find a partner soon,” or “My Mr. or Mrs. Right is out there, I just have to keep looking for them.” A little positivity will go a long way during the holidays and in your dating life.

5. Spoil Yourself

You might be single over the holidays, but that’s not an excuse to let yourself go and lock yourself up at home drinking eggnog and eating cookies all day. Go pamper yourself: get your hair done, have your nails and makeup professionally done, and go shopping for new outfits. Right now you have to do whatever it takes to make yourself feel good. Get out of your house and enjoy the festive season—even if you’re doing it alone this year.

6. Do Something for Others

So the holiday season has you feeling lonely and down about yourself, right? Well, you know who else is down? People who are less fortunate than you. Take some time and volunteer at a local soup kitchen or animal shelter. Nothing will make you feel better than knowing that you’re giving your time and energy to someone who needs it.

Turn your single status into a positive experience for the holidays. You can survive being single over the holidays if you follow our expert tips. You have to choose happiness and enjoy the season regardless of your single status.

If you’re single and want to gift yourself the gift of love this holiday, contact our New Jersey Singles matchmakers and let us help you find that special someone.

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