New Jersey Singles Reviews Relationship Resolutions for 2018

Well, it’s finally here… Welcome 2018!  If you’re like most people, you’ve probably made a few resolutions to get the year started off right.  But what about love resolutions?  Did you happen to make any?  Even if you’re in the happiest relationship, there must be a few things you can do to improve it.  As professional matchmakers, we know there’s always a little more fun and excitement that can be added to your relationship, as well as many other everyday things that will keep the love alive.

To help you have the best relationship ever, our matchmakers have put together a few resolutions you and your partner ought to make this year.  So get ready as New Jersey Singles reviews the top relationship resolutions for 2018.

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1. Say yes to little acts of love.

Leave a note in your partner’s briefcase, give them a long kiss before they walk out of the door, buy them flowers just because, make them their favorite dish when they walk in from work, send them a text to let them know you’re thinking about them, or come home with their favorite little treat.  If your partner has been craving some quality time, why not give it to them?  Showing that you love your partner with little acts of love and kindness will go a long way to strengthen your relationship.

2. Compliment each other often.

When was the last time you told your partner that they looked good?  Your partner gets ready every day to go to work, so why not tell them that you find them attractive?  Everyone is always in doubt about their looks, but with a little positive affirmation, you’ll make your better half feel wonderful the entire day.  So, go ahead and give them the confidence they need to feel attractive and desired.

3. Exercise together.

Do you really want to take your relationship to the next level this year?  Then why not start working out together?  You can sign up for yoga classes, spin sessions, or just hit the gym together.  But don’t worry if the gym isn’t your thing.  There’s still plenty you can do to work out together, including working in your living room or going jogging around the neighborhood.  As long as you’re working out together, then you’re getting the job done.

4. More hugging & kissing.

Handholding, warm hugs, or sweet kisses on the lips is how you can bring the spark back to your relationship this year and make your partner feel loved.  When was the last time you held your partner’s hand when you walked through the mall?  When was the last time you gave them a warm hug when they walked in from work?  If you can’t remember when, then it’s time to start doing those things this year.

5. Talk before you fight.

Promise each other that you’ll talk it out before you get into an argument.  There’s nothing worse than a yelling match.  You don’t want to accuse them of something they didn’t even do.  That’s why you need to talk it out like an adult without jumping to conclusions.

6. No distractions when you’re spending quality time together.

Do you often forget what your partner said when you were spending time together?  Well, it’s probably because you were glued to your phone.  Put your cell phone down, turn off the TV, and stop doing whatever you’re doing to give your partner the attention they deserve.  Let everything else fade out in the background and make the most of your time together.

7. Go on a date once a week.

Remember in the early stages of your relationship when you used to go on actual dates instead of sitting home watching movies on your couch every weekend?  If you want to rekindle the spark in your relationship, then it’s time you start going on real dates at least once a week.  This will definitely keep the romance alive.

8. Have fun together.

Spending quality time together as a couple is important as it will keep the excitement—the spark—alive.  But that doesn’t mean everything needs to be planned out or romantic.  You can have fun with each other by going out for a walk around the neighborhood, going to a comedy show, or simply watching a funny movie.  The idea is to have fun together and ease the stresses of everyday life. l

You see, it’s easy to incorporate love resolutions every day to keep your love alive.  Follow these eight relationship resolutions and we promise you that you and your partner are going to have the best relationship ever in 2018.

If you’re single and eager to find love in the new year, contact our New Jersey matchmakers today and let us help you find it.  We’ll be able to help you stick to your dating resolutions with expert guidance and support every step of the way.  Call 1 (888) 417-0020 to book your 100% FREE, in-depth matchmaking consultation today.


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