New Jersey Singles Reviews Signs You Found Your Soul Mate

A soul mate isn’t just someone who suits you.  A soul mate is someone you’ll have a deeper connection with—a connection that can never be replicated.  It’s the person you click with and have deep feelings for.  So how do you know you found yours?  Today, New Jersey Singles reviews the telltale signs you found your true soul mate.

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1. You Speak without Words

Okay, we know this sounds a little new age—a little bit hippy—but it’s 100% true.  You don’t have to constantly talk to know what they’re thinking.  The two of you can be comfortable in silence.  When you talk, you can pretty much finish each other’s sentences.  You connect on a level that you’ve never connected on before.

2. You Just Feel It

You have a feeling in your gut that they’re the one for you.  When you date the wrong guys, you usually know it right away, right?  However, with this guy it’s different because you feel something in your gut.  You can’t explain the feeling.  You just know they are the one you’re meant to be with.

3. There’s Chemistry

The chemistry you have with each other is very intense.  Sure, you’ve had feelings for other people before, but nothing like this.  And it isn’t just about sex.  It’s about passion and love.

4. There’s a Challenge

You challenge each other and push each other in a positive way.  The two of you are like a fabulous team that can do anything together.  You both want to evolve and grow and support each other along the way.  This is more than being soul mates, it’s about being partners for life.

5. Things Just Flow

You don’t worry about saying anything in front of them and aren’t afraid of looking weird.  You can say anything freely and vice versa.  You feel comfortable around them from the beginning.  It’s almost like you’ve known them your entire life.

6. You Both Have Flaws & Accept Them

Yes, you have flaws, and they have them too.  This isn’t about finding someone perfect, it’s about finding someone imperfect who is perfect for you.  And that’s what a soul mate is all about.  You both see each other’s flaws and accept and embrace them.

7. They Make You Feel Calm

And you make them feel calm too.  You shouldn’t ever be stressed out in their company.  You want to feel safe, relaxed, and at peace when you’re with them.  If you’re on pins and needles when you’re together, then they’re not your soul mate.

8. You Both Agree on Important Things

Okay, he might leave the toilet seat up, which drives you insane.  You might chew with your mouth open, which drives him insane.  But those things are just little annoyances and nothing crucial for a relationship.  When it comes to the fundamentals of your relationship, the two of you are on the same page.  What you value in life, he values too.

9. You Can Be Honest

If you found your soul mate, you’ll know it because you can tell them anything that comes to your mind.  If you’re having stress at work, you go to them.  If you’re feeling happy, you go to them.  No matter what you’re feeling, you always go to them.

10. You Might Not Feel Romantic Feelings Right Away

You might’ve found your soul mate; however, there might not be immediate chemistry between you.  Of course, you mentally and emotionally connect, which is huge.  That means they’re your soul mate.

People think that a soul mate is someone they meet on a first date—someone who gives them butterflies in the stomach.  There are many people who were friends for years before realizing they were soul mates.  One day they looked at each other and realized they were soul mates the entire time.  Your soul mate might be your neighbor, your best friend, or a coworker across the hall.

So are soul mates real?  They absolutely are, and we can help you find yours.  If you’re single and want to find your soul mate, contact our expert matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service by calling 1 (888) 417-0020 and reserving your complimentary consultation today.


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