New Jersey Singles Reviews Top 10 Signs He’s Cheating

You’ve been happy with your boyfriend for a long time now, but something feels off lately.  The last thing you want to believe is that he’s cheating on you.  How can you tell for sure without strapping him down to a lie detector?

He’s been acting weird with his phone lately, and you’re very confused by his recent behavior.  His behavior is starting to take a toll on the relationship, and you want to know what in the world is going on.

To ease your worries, New Jersey Singles reviews the telltale signs your guy is cheating and using his phone to do it.

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1. He’s always on his phone.

Long gone are the days where he used to spend quality time with you.  Nowadays, he’s constantly engrossed in his phone.  When the two of you are spending quality time together, he never even looks at you because he’s looking at his phone.  Who could he be talking to?

2. He keeps the screen out of your sight.

Your guy always seems to be messaging people, or perhaps one specific woman.  You spotted the message coming in or heard the beeping noise.  He is replying to the message in front of you but has turned his screen away so you can’t see who he’s writing to.  Ladies, if your man keeps his screen out of your line of vision, you have every right to wonder who he’s talking to.

3. He responds nonchalantly when you ask him who he’s messaging.

You heard the WhatsApp noise on his phone and saw him writing back.  But when you ask him who he’s talking to, he tells you no one.  Come on, now, you just saw him writing!

4. He looks at his phone every two seconds.

You both heard that ding, so you both know he got a message.  Of course, he has to check that.  But he doesn’t just check his phone when it beeps and dings.  He looks down at it every two or three seconds.  We can only wonder who he’s waiting for so impatiently to hear from.

5. He puts his phone away after he uses it.

As soon as he responds to a message, he puts his phone away and flips it upside down so you can’t see the screen.  It’s almost like he doesn’t want you to see who he’s talking to.  If your boyfriend is putting his phone away after he reads his messages, you have every right to be suspicious.

6. He stepped up his social media game.

Ladies, this is a huge red flag that something is going on.  If your guy has never been active on social media and is all the sudden bombarding Facebook and Instagram with selfies or is liking a specific woman’s photos, warning bells should be going off.

7. He’s taking a lot of selfies.

Perhaps Instagram is to blame for this, but you’ve walked in on him taking many selfies over the last few weeks.  Yet since you never got any of them, you have to wonder who he’s sending those selfies to.

8. He abruptly stops talking on the phone when you walk in the room.

Your guy knows you wouldn’t care if you walked in on him talking to his dad or best friend.  So why is he all the sudden leaving the room or ending his calls?  It just doesn’t make any sense.  If he stops doing whatever he’s doing the second you come in, it’s because he’s guilty of something.

9. He takes his phone everywhere he goes.

When he runs to the grocery store to grab milk, his phone goes with him.  When he goes to the bathroom at home, his phone goes with him there too.  He literally takes his phone everywhere he goes.

10. He won’t let you use his phone.

You want to make a call because your cell phone is dead and ask to use his.  He tells you that you can’t because he’s waiting for an important call.  Why can’t your boyfriend let you use his phone?  Because he’s afraid his new girlfriend is going to message while you’re on the phone.

If your boyfriend is doing a few of these things, then it’s safe to say he’s stepping out on you.  While it might not be the news you want to hear, it’s better to find out now rather than later.

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