New Jersey Singles Reviews Why Long Distance Relationships Fail

It’s no secret that long distance relationships are very difficult to maintain.  They tend to fail, but not until after constant Skyping and piling up credit card debt.  Most of them for because there isn’t much physical contact.  Sure, there are a few couples out there who can make a long distance relationships work, but they’re very rare.  Long distance relationships only work when there’s an end date in sight.  If your long distance relationship is going south fast and you’re wondering why, you’re not alone.  Long distance relationships tend to fail faster than normal relationships and for many reasons.

As matchmakers, we know that nothing beats relationship with physical contact and a close bond that only a local relationship can provide.  Today, New Jersey Singles reviews why long distance relationships never work out.

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1. Your Mind Wanders

The mind is a very complex thing.  One day you’re nice and happy, the next you’re sad and jealous.  Everyone handles problems their own way, but when you’re not in the same room with your partner, then your mind will start to wander.  Can this relationship work?  Can I really do this for the next five years?  Do I want to marry them even though we can’t be together?  How can we have children?  These questions will start raising doubts in your mind and wreaking havoc in your relationship.

2. You Lack Physical Attention

A strong and healthy relationship requires many things.  One of the most important things, if not the most important, is physical attention.  You need kisses, hugs, cuddle sessions, and of course intimacy.  It all adds to the awesome package of being in a loving relationship.  If you’re not physically able to touch your partner, you’ll miss being with them—you’ll miss that human connection.

3. Jealous Will Rise

It’s very easy to get jealous of your partner when you see them living a life on their social media account while you’re hundreds of miles away.  Once jealousy creeps in, it will take control of your thoughts.  Then before you know it, you’ll start to think they’re cheating on you with someone because of their social media activity.  Not only is jealousy unhealthy for you, but it can also push your partner away.

4. Technology Isn’t Enough

Calling, texting, FaceChatting, private messaging, you name it… There’s so much technology to stay in touch with someone today.  But nonetheless, that’s not enough because technology doesn’t allow you to touch your partner.  No matter how much you stay connected, it will still put a strain on your relationship and cause frustration.  You can’t kid yourself and think it will be okay, because it won’t, especially when you’ve been apart for a couple of months and have no end date in sight.

5. It’s Financially Draining

Even if you’re only a few hundred miles away, it will still be financially draining.  But what if you’re thousands of miles away?  Then you have no choice to but to hop on a plane every time you want to see them.  And let’s face it, airplane tickets cost an arm and a leg today.  Also, what if you earn more money than them and they can’t afford to travel to see you?  Then it’s a one-sided relationship, meaning the burden will be put on you.


We’re not trying to scare you away from getting into a long distance relationship, but they fail more often than not (faster than they started).

If you want to meet local singles in New Jersey who are fit and ready to be in a relationship, contact our NJ matchmakers and let us introduce you today.  We’ll introduce you to quality singles who are attractive, successful, and ready for a meaningful relationship.  Call 1 (888) 417-0020 to book your FREE matchmaking consultation today!

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