New Jersey Singles Reviews Why Speed Dating Doesn’t Work

speed dating in new jerseyMost of us have only seen speed dating on TV shows and comedy movies. While some have been brave enough to try it, others would never even think about it. But what is speed dating all about? Is it right for you?

Speed dating is the ultimate meet & greet concept for singles who don’t have time to look for love on their own. Singles have approximately 3 to 5 minutes to impress a complete stranger, develop chemistry, and hope for a future date. As professional matchmakers, we know this is a very tall order to achieve, especially in today’s dating world, where first impressions matter most.

Everything you do at a speed dating event is taken into consideration. What you’re wearing, your body language, and the first word that comes out of your mouth, it’s all important—crucial. If you get these things wrong, you might as well walk out of the date right then and there. But get it right and you’re not in the clear yet either. Why? Because your date hasn’t picked you as the one just yet.

Let’s take a second and explain what speed dating really is for all of you who are unsure. Speed dating is a singles event that usually takes place in a bar. It is an event designed to introduce men and women in a fast way. Singles have approximately 3 to 5 minutes to talk and decide if they like the date. After the introduction, each single has to circle yes or no if they like the date. If they both circle yes, then they have another date. Sounds relatively painless, but believe us, it’s not. Singles have to go through 10 or 12, maybe even more, of these mini dates. Here at New Jersey Singles, we know that makes for one nerve-wracking evening, wouldn’t you say?

You know how nervous you feel when you meet someone for the first time, so imagine meeting 15 people for the first time. Now, imagine meeting them in one night, in a fast-paced and intimidating setting. You see, that’s exactly what speed dating is.

Unfortunately, speed dating isn’t designed for everyone, especially not for shy or introverted people. Those who get a little nervous will have a hard time at a singles event like this. Even those who are confident will suffer a little in this intimidating atmosphere. Since women usually show up in groups, it makes it all the more intimidating for men.

Many people walk out of speed dating events before the event even starts because that’s how nervous they get when they see what awaits them. So believe us, even if you’re the most social person, speed dating can be terrifying. Why? Because you’re going to be judged by 10 to 15 people in just one night.

So does speed dating work? Are singles events like this an effective way to find love? We don’t think so, and it’s definitely not designed for everyone. Our matchmaking services here at New Jersey Singles are a perfect fit for everyone who is serious and dedicated to finding love.

Unlike awkward speed dating events where you’re tossed into a ring of singles and left to fend for yourself, our matchmakers can introduce you to compatible people and send you on one-on-one introductions around your busy schedule. Unlike speed dating events, our services are very private and discreet. And if you’re a little shy or introverted, you’ll love the one-on-one personal approach we provide our clients—from the first consultation to the last time you need our services (when you finally find the one), we’ll be by your side every step of the way, and that’s something you’ll never get at a speed dating event.

As you can tell, speed dating is just too awkward, too fast-paced, and a waste of time for most people. If you’re looking for a more personal and effective way of meeting relationship-minded singles in New Jersey, look no further. Our New Jersey Singles matchmakers have been helping singles like yourself for nearly 30 years, so let us help you, too. We are passionate about creating successful matches. We do the hard part of dating for you, so all you need to do is show up to the date and have a good time. We have four convenient locations in New Jersey and a solid reputation for success. Are you ready to meet the one? Contact our matchmakers today. Call 1 (888) 417-0020 to book a 100% free consultation with one of the dedicated matchmakers today!

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