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Lawrenceville Matchmakers Review How to Stop Attracting the Wrong Partner

Many New Jersey Singles complaints at their Lawrenceville matchmaking location arise from dating and attracting the wrong people. Today, New Jersey Singles reviews how to reel in the right people!

When you’re part of the New Jersey dating scene, it’s not uncommon to come across a man or two who might seem to be perfect in the beginning, but in the end, they’re just not right for you. This is completely normal, but things can get very irritating and frustrating when it keeps happening time and time again. Thankfully, we know you can turn things around. Today, our Lawrenceville matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service will reveal some helpful tips on how to stop attracting the wrong type of men.


1. Put an End to That Pattern

Before you can stop attracting the wrong type of man, you need to understand and believe that you will eventually get over that hump. Though you might not like to admit it, the truth is, you are the main player in this game, and because of that, you are the only one who is able to break that pattern, for once and for all.

2. Never Settle for Less

One of the worst things a woman can do when looking for a partner is to lower her standards and settle for a man who does not make her happy. When you already know you’re settling for a man who doesn’t complete you, you’re setting yourself up for failure. We want you to realize that settling is only a temporary cure and it will make you feel worse than if you were single.

3. Improve Your Confidence

Many times, the women who always seem to attract the wrong type of partners are the ones who suffer from low self-esteem and the lack of confidence. To stop this bad dating pattern, this pattern of attracting the wrong type of men, you need to make sure your confidence is high. You must love yourself before you can let a man love. When you begin to feel better about yourself, you will then attract better partners.

4. Be Clear about What You Want

If you go into the dating world with blurry glasses and have no clue what you really want, you will not be able to pinpoint the type of man you want in a relationship. It is important to be clear of what type of man you want from the get-go as it will help you determine what man isn’t the right one for you. Don’t go into the dating scene just looking for anyone or anything; know what you want and be clear about it. Once you’ve figured out what you want, our Lawrenceville matchmakers want you to steer clear of anyone who doesn’t fit the criteria.

5. Take a Step Back

Before you can accept any future dates, take a step back and analyze every man you have been out with. Have there been certain patterns or traits that seem to be attracting you to this type of man? Are you only focusing on appearances? Are you only after the bad boy type? Figure out if there are any patterns and nip them in the butt.


6. Have a Goal in Mind

When you are in the early stages of getting to know a new man, our Lawrenceville matchmakers suggest you have a goal in mind. You don’t want to just keep on dating for the remainder of your life; instead, you want to find a man who is happy settling down and starting a serious relationship. When you decide to give a man a chance, make sure he’s on the same page and has the same expectations as you; if he doesn’t, let him go.

7. Be Positive

After seeing your close girlfriends and family members get into serious relationships while you’re still single, it can be easy to get into the mindset that you will never find love. Though you might not believe you’ll ever find a good man, it’s impossible for all the good men to be taken. Don’t fall into believing you must settle for any man and never assume that all the good men are already in relationships. Here at New Jersey Singles, we have a lot of amazing men who are looking for a serious and committed relationship.

8. Be a Bit Picky with Your Men

When it comes to dating, one of the most important things you must do is be picky. It’s true; though being picky in many aspects of your life can create a problem, when it comes to dating, it’s one of the best qualities to have. If your man doesn’t meet your wants and needs, at least the reasonable ones, don’t hesitate to let him go. Being picky will save you from unnecessary drama and wasted time down the road.


9. Take a Break from Dating

Sometimes, the best remedy to stop attracting the wrong men is to take a step back and take a break from the dating world. To do this, the best thing you can do is take two weeks off. These two weeks will help you analyze why you’re attracting the wrong men and it will also help you mentally and emotionally. You’ll feel refreshed and recharged when you finally come back to dating.

10. Listen to Your Gut

We all have that little voice inside of us that talks to us, and although you might be inclined to listen to other’s voices before your own, the truth is, your gut instinct is always right. That inner voice is telling you to be hesitant for a reason, because it doesn’t want you to make another mistake.

11. Have Self-Respect

One of the hardest parts about attracting the wrong type of men is when you lose faith and confidence in yourself. Typically, when we attract bad men, it’s because they’re similar to who we are. Take some time to figure out your downfalls and improve any aspects of your life that need improving, especially if you’re lacking in the self-respect department. If you want to find a nice, caring, and attentive man, then you must possess the same type of qualities.

12. Listen to Your Friends

Though dating and relationships should only involve you and this man, when you are attracting the wrong men, those who are closest to you might already see the signs. One of the biggest reasons why women attract the wrong type of men is because they ignore their friends. Your friends might be seeing things in a different light, so listen to their advice.

If you’re tired of wasting time and energy on the wrong men, contact our Lawrenceville matchmakers today. Here at New Jersey Singles, we can introduce you to quality men who fit your dating criteria, men who are ready to settle down.