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New Jersey Singles Reviews the Right Way to Break Up

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together for a few months or a few years, because it’s always hard to break up with someone you care about. Even though the person who is getting dumped is usually the one that gets hurt the most, that doesn’t mean the person who’s doing the dumping doesn’t feel anything. After all, breaking up with your partner requires you to look at them in the eyes and tell them why you don’t want to be with them anymore. The situation can be traumatic for many people.

That’s why it’s important to break up the mature way. You need to handle the breakup in a delicate way, so they don’t get hurt even more. The wrong move on your part could cause them to give up on dating completely, which is the last thing you want to do. Even though their relationship with you didn’t work out, it doesn’t mean they should stop dating for good. They deserve to find happiness, even if is not with you.

single women in new jersey

Today New Jersey Singles reviews the right way to break up with someone you care about.

1. Break Up in Person

Technology plays a huge role in our lives, but that doesn’t mean you should use technology to break up with your partner. You may have asked your partner out on many dates by shooting them a quick text message, but a breakup is completely different. Even though it might be tempting to do it over the phone or even send a message so you don’t have to see their face when they hear the news, it’s rude. They deserve to see you one last time, so you can properly answer any questions they have. They deserve proper closure so they can heal and move on.

2. Break Up in Private

Some people break up with their partners in public, like a restaurant or a coffee shop, in order to avoid a scene. They believe that their partner won’t start screaming at the top of their lungs when they hear the news. However, you should do them a favor by breaking up with them in private, like at your home. The only time you should breakup in public is when you’re worried that they will get violent, because you should never risk your safety.

3. Don’t Give Them False Hope

It’s tempting to tell your ex whatever they want to hear in order to spare their feelings. However, you don’t want to give them false hope that the two of you will eventually get back together when you know deep inside that it will never happen.

If you lie, then they won’t be able to move on from you and find happiness again. That’s why it’s important for you to make it clear that your breakup is final—that there is no chance of getting back together down the road. If you let them know that your mind is set, then they won’t be confused about where you stand. Instead of wasting their time finding ways to get back together with you, they will be able to pick up the pieces and move on with their life to find happiness again, which is what you want them to do.

Breaking up is tough no matter how you slice it, but you can follow these three simple tips to ensure it’s not any tougher than it has to be—not for you, nor them.

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New Jersey Singles Reviews How to Be a Great Partner

It’s easy to focus on what your partner is doing wrong and to get angry and annoyed by it, but have you ever stopped for a second and thought that maybe you are also doing things that annoyed them?

It’s easy to see flaws in other people, but is it as easy to see the flaws we have?  How do you know whether you are actually a good partner?

If you really want to be a good boyfriend/girlfriend or a good husband/wife, you need to follow our matchmaking advice.  These simple rules will turn you into a good partner in no time.

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews expert tips to become a great partner to help your relationship flourish.

single women in new jersey

1. You Can Be Angry But Not Cruel

If you want to be a great partner in your relationship, then this is very important to remember.  Everyone has the right to be angry at their partner, sometimes it can’t be helped.  However, it’s the way you handle this anger that determines whether or not you are being fair towards them.

It’s okay to tell your partner if they did something that made you angry, it’s not okay to insult them or bring up things from the past.  If you do, then you won’t solve anything, you will actually escalate the situation and make things worse.

2. Back Down Even If You Are Right

It’s easy to get carried away in the middle of an argument, especially if you’re right.  What isn’t easy is backing down.  Sometimes, it really doesn’t matter who is right or who is wrong, the only thing that matters is putting an end to the argument fast and in a mature manner.  Don’t let your ego/pride control you, you need to know when it’s okay to back down and make peace with your partner.

3. Accept That No One Is Perfect

It’s easy to say that you wouldn’t have done something, you wouldn’t have acted a certain way or wouldn’t have said certain things.  It’s easy to judge other people from afar and criticize their choices, but you need to understand that no one in the world is perfect, not even you.

You are not perfect, and you do things wrong as well, just like the rest of the world. Do you have someone constantly pointing out everything you do wrong? It’s unfair to expect your partner to be perfect all the time, and it’s even more unfair to call them out every time they do something wrong.

4. Accept Your Partner’s Friends

It’s important that you try to be on good terms with your partners’ friends.  They were there long before you came into the picture and supported your partner through hardships, which means they do care.  You don’t even have to like them, but you do need to accept them for your partner’s sake.

You don’t want to be that person who asks their partner to choose between you and their friends or family because, either way, you are not going to like the result.  Your partner will either pick their friends or family or they will resent you forever for making them choose.

5. Be Supportive All the Time

It’s easy to support your partner when everything is going great, like work promotions and goal achievements. But it isn’t always easy to support them through difficult times.  Yet these are the times that they will rely on you for emotional support.

It doesn’t matter if you are disappointed, the likelihood is that they will be ten times more disappointed than you. So just be there by their side to support them through whatever they are going through.

So how do you measure up as a partner? Are you a good partner to your guy or gal? The next time you find yourself complaining or whining about how unappreciative or lame your partner is, ask yourself if you’ve been playing your part in your relationship.

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New Jersey Singles Reviews Reasons to Date a Divorced Man

Many single women in New Jersey associate divorced men with excess baggage. While that can certainly be true, men who have been through a divorce tend to have a deeper, more realistic understanding of relationships.

There are many reasons not to date a recently divorced guy, like if he cheated or abused his ex-spouse. But there are also plenty of good reasons to date the right guy. Today, New Jersey Singles reviews why dating a divorced guy can prove great for you.

single women in new jersey

1. He likes to take things slow.

A guy who’s just come out of a marriage is definitely not going to want to jump back into another committed relationship. If you’re a gal who likes to take things slow, then he’ll be the perfect guy for you. He’s not going to want to move things too fast or want you to commit to him right away, which is great if you want to take things slow too.

2. He’s not afraid of commitment.

While he might not want to rush the relationship along, he’s certainly not afraid of commitment. Sometimes love hits when you least expect it. If you’re dating a guy who’s been divorced, just know that he’s open to the possibility of getting serious if he feels you’re the one for him.

3. He’s willing to try new things.

A divorce can be very traumatic – it’s a life-changing event that will prompt him to think differently about life. But just because he went through a divorce doesn’t mean he’s not willing to try new things. If he feels like you’re the one, he’ll try new things with you.

4. He has different points of view.

Someone who fell in love, got married, fell out of love, and got divorced has different points of views about relationships and life in general. It might seem intimidating to date a guy who’s been divorced, but give him a chance and he’ll open your eyes to new experiences and views.

5. He has many things going on in his life.

Independent ladies, you’re going to love dating a divorced man. If you’re sick and tired of boys who follow you around like a lost puppy, then it’s time you consider dating a divorced man. If he has children, you can guarantee that they’ll take up most of his time. But even if he doesn’t, a divorced man is going to be busy with work and other responsibilities.

6. He won’t play dating games.

Perhaps one of our favorite reasons to date a divorced man is that he won’t play dating games like younger guys do. He’s been through enough games and isn’t interested in playing them anymore. He wants something serious and straightforward. Divorced men don’t have time for games, and neither should you.

7. You can learn from him.

If you’re dating a divorced guy, chances are he’s a little bit older than you, which is great. Being with someone who’s older can teach you many things in life. Yes, it can be a little scary, but you can learn many things from someone with more life experiences than you. Even if he’s not older, he will certainly open your eyes and teach you a lot.

8. He knows how to appreciate a woman.

One of the biggest perks of dating a divorced man is that he knows how to appreciate a woman. He knows how to take care of his partners, knows how to listen, be supportive, and make a woman feel good. Now what woman wouldn’t like that?

We promise you that dating a divorced guy will be a great experience for you. If you met a great guy who happens to be divorced, just give him a chance to show you that he’s not the drama you might have thought him to be.

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New Jersey Singles Reviews Reasons to Go on Vacation Alone

Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you can’t make plans to travel alone. Sure, it’s wonderful to travel with friends, family, or even a partner. But just because you don’t have one doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the world and everything it has to offer. If you’ve been itching to travel but are afraid to do so on your own, read on as New Jersey Singles reviews the benefits of traveling alone. Believe it or not, it’s bound to be an invigorating adventure.

single women in new jersey

1. It Empowers You as a Person

Traveling alone is not be everyone’s cup of tea, and many people only do it for work. It’s a shame that many people feel this way because traveling alone is freeing in many different ways. Not only do you get to plan the entire trip on your own, but getting away from the everyday hustle and bustle of life is so refreshing and can do wonders for your mind, body, spirit, and self-worth.

2. You Get to Do What You Want

You don’t have any aunts or uncles dictating where to go (like that awful show you so badly don’t want to see). And you don’t have a husband or wife bugging to go bungee jumping when you’re afraid of heights. Traveling alone means you can do whatever you want whenever you want, which is pretty wonderful on its own.

3. You Don’t Waste Money on Things You Don’t Want to Do

Again, continuing with the point above. Vacations are very expensive, especially when traveling with family or a partner. You have to spend money at restaurants that you didn’t want to eat at and go on adventures you didn’t want to go on. On a solo vacation, you’re free to skimp or splurge as much as you want. You can stay at a small hotel or a five-star resort, it’s totally up to you. This is your time to do anything you want without feeling pressured by anyone else.

4. You Become Self-Reliant

When you travel alone, you rely on yourself and no one else, which means you have to be careful about your safety and security. You have to plan it all out, from buying your tickets to scheduling the hotel and everything in between. This will make you more of an independent and fearless person, which can be a good thing for your everyday life. Believe us, you’ll feel totally empowered.

5. You Can Enjoy the Experience

When you travel alone, with no family or partner, you feel everything a lot more. When you travel with people, your attention is divided between everyone. When you travel alone, you experience everything keenly and see everything in a different perspective. You have the time and opportunity to take it all in.

6. You Can Meet Interesting People

When you travel alone, you end up meeting more locals than you do if you travel with family or a partner. Being alone makes you seem more approachable, and people tend to talk to you more when you’re solo. Of course, people will hit on you, but this trip will have your self-reliance kicking in full power and help you avoid any unwanted attention.

7. It Opens You Up to the World

Traveling with family or a significant other can be a challenge when it comes to choosing the destination. Sometimes you end up going somewhere you didn’t want to go to begin with. When you travel alone, you open yourself up to the world, meaning you can go anywhere you want. On a solo vacation, there’s no one to judge you for your destination choice.

8. You Get to Know Yourself Better

When was the last time you spent some time on self-care or reflection? Traveling alone gives you plenty of time to do some introspection, which can be a very good thing.

It is exciting to travel alone, and you should do it at least once in your life. Once you get over the fear, it will be the most exhilarating experience in your life.

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New Jersey Singles Reviews 5 Signs You’re Only His Backup

So you met a great guy, not on a dating site but in the real world. He looks great and seems like Mr. Right. You can’t help but to start thinking he’s better than all the guys you dated in the past.

He probably doesn’t allow you to pay for the bill on the date. And he definitely doesn’t steal a dollar from your purse when you’re not looking. In short, you have high hopes for him.

However, as you spend more and more time together, you can’t help but notice something is off. He keeps talking about his ex even though they broke up a few months ago. Does this mean he’s just talking about her, or is he still connected to her?

You can never really know where a guy stands in dating unless you know what you’re looking for. Today, New Jersey Singles reviews the warning signs you’re only his backup dish.

single women in new jersey

1. He tells you he doesn’t want anything serious.

Let’s face it, ladies, the right guy will jump with joy when you bring up the relationship and getting serious. He will look forward to spending the rest of his life with you. However, when a guy only sees you as a backup dish, he will shudder at any thought of commitment.

He will tell you that he likes the way things are and might even tell you that he’s not looking for commitment. He wants to keep things light and chill. If a guy is doing this, then he only sees you as a backup. You don’t have any business giving him your time anymore. Move on and be with a man who wants to be with you long-term.

2. The relationship has no label.

Yes, we know that labels aren’t important sometimes. But in your case, it matters because it can help you figure out where you stand.

If he dismisses the thought of calling and showing you off as his girlfriend, what does that tell you? It tells you that he only sees you as a backup. He is pretty much saying that you are not the only one.

Don’t invest any more of your time in him because he clearly only sees you as a backup, not his main woman.

3. He doesn’t spend any money on you.

We know this sounds crazy, but a guy who is serious about you will have no problem dishing out money on you. And this is true, even if he doesn’t have a fat bank account. He will work with his resources to show you that he cares about you.

So if this so-called Mr. Right guy you’re spending time with can’t spend money on you and take you on romantic dates and outings, it can mean two things: One, that he’s broke. Two, that he’s spending money on woman number one.

4. He doesn’t share any responsibilities with you.

You can be sure that you’re only his backup woman when he doesn’t want to share even the smallest responsibility with you. For example, you want him to go to the gym with you, but he always declines. He is drawing these clear lines to tell you that he’s not looking for anything serious with you. If you’re smart, which we hope you are, you can pick up on these obvious clues and stop wasting your time with him.

5. He goes MIA all the time.

Even if you think he’s the nicest guy in the world, you know he still has flaws. He’s not perfect, although he looks the part. So on days you must deal with his bad behaviors, and you have lingering worries, you call him out. What does he do? He runs away and disappears into thin air. He won’t tell you where he went and why. Nope, he just disappears and goes MIA.

You try to call him out on it and he gives you an attitude like it was your fault. He also always magically works late and gives you an excuse about his whereabouts. If the guy you’re dating goes MIA on you often, then he’s spending time with woman number one and you’re only a backup.

Remember, you don’t deserve to be any man’s backup woman, no matter how much of a great catch you think he is. If you think you’re not the only one, don’t waste another second with this player.

New Jersey Singles Reviews How to Deepen the Bond with Him

If you want your relationship to be healthy and withstand the test of time, you must develop a very strong connection with your partner. The closer you are, the better your relationship will be.

By closer, we don’t mean physically. You can be hundreds of miles apart and still have a healthy and strong relationship. It’s all about how much time and effort you put into deepening the connection.

If you only get to know the surface and don’t develop a strong connection, your relationship will never grow. You should constantly be putting in efforts to get to know your partner better, no matter how long you’ve been together.

If you want to take your relationship to the next level, then read on as New Jersey Singles reviews ways to deepen the bond with your man.

singles in new jersey

1. Talk about deeper things.

If you only talk about the latest TV show or weather, that’s all you’re ever going to know. You need to discuss deeper things. Things that are going on in your partner’s life and yours.

Don’t just talk about the easy things. If there’s something controversial going on, don’t be afraid to discuss it. What are their thoughts? How do you feel about it? Discussing these things with your man will take your relationship to the next level.

2. Ask for their opinion.

This might seem like a silly thing to do, but it works. Most people turn to everyone but their partner when it comes to advice. If you want to develop a stronger connection with your man, go to him when you need an opinion on an important issue, whether you’re debating getting a new job or purchasing a new car. Not only will this make your partner feel valued, but it will help you develop a deeper bond.

3. Talk about the relationship.

This is something not many couples do. When was the last time you sat together and talked about the relationship? And we mean each other’s feelings. You have both changed since you first started dating, so don’t think you know your partner. You might also have small concerns or annoyances that can grow into bigger issues if left undiscussed. Try to have regular conversations about the relationship, as it will help you grow closer together.

4. Try new things together.

This is one of the easiest ways to develop a strong bond with your partner. When you’re both trying something new for the first time, that’s when you’ll really connect. Think back to the times you tried a new sport with a friend and how awesome it felt. You probably got really close to that friend, right? Well, now it’s time to do new things with your partner and grow closer with them. Go out there and take a cooking class, join a sports league, or go to a comedy show with your guy.

5. Have fun together.

Many couples get stuck in everyday routines, the same thing day in and day out—to the point they forget to have fun together. Go do something fun, like the things you used to do when you first started dating. Laughing together and enjoying each other’s company will make you a stronger couple.

Developing a deep bond with your partner will not happen overnight. You must make it happen and put efforts into your relationship every day. Use these simple and effective tips to start deepening your connection with your partner and watch how much closer you grow in your relationship.

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New Jersey Singles Reviews 8 Signs He’s Not Worth Your Time

You might really be into this guy.  But how do you know he’s worthy of your time and energy?  You don’t want to end up with someone who isn’t worthy in the long run.  Trust us, it’s better to be alone than with someone who isn’t worthy of a relationship with you.

Are you going to put up with someone who doesn’t know how to treat a woman right just because you don’t want to be alone?  Today, New Jersey Singles reviews signs the guy you’re with is not a keeper. If you notice these warning signs, throw this bad fish back.

new jersey singles

1. He spends more time on the phone than with you.

When you spend time with your boyfriend, he’s expected to give you his undivided attention.  Otherwise, what’s the point in spending quality time together?  If you notice that he’s constantly distracted with his phone and checks it every five seconds, he’s clearly not interested in spending time with you.  If your boyfriend obsessively looks at his phone when he’s supposed to be spending time with you, then you’re better off without him.

2. He knows you’re mad but doesn’t care.

Let us make this one clear: if he says, “I’m sorry that I offended you, but it was only a joke,” or anything along those lines, that’s not a true apology.  Chances are he’s only saying it because he feels like he has to say it.  He doesn’t care that he offended you.  All he cares about is deflecting the blame from himself.  Do you really want to be with a guy like this? Do you really want to date someone who is too immature to admit his own faults?

3. He makes a big deal about paying for dates.

True gentlemen still exist, and when the pay for the date when they take a woman out.  We’re not saying that a guy is responsible each and every time, but he should definitely do his part during the early stages of the relationship.  If you don’t mind paying for all the meals, then go ahead and date him.  If the guy you’re with complains about paying or makes an attempt to get out of picking the bill (especially if he puts his portion on you), then you deserve someone better.

4. He compares you to his exes.

There’s nothing worse than being compared, and it will definitely make you feel insecure and embarrassed.  It doesn’t matter if he only makes small comparisons, it isn’t fair to you to be compared to his ex-girlfriend.  If he’s always comparing you to her, leave the relationship right now.  You deserve someone better.

5. He’s always checking other women out.

When you’re together, are his eyes solely for you?  Or do they wander every time a beautiful woman walks by?  Does he tune you out mid-conversation to check out the hot waitress?  He might not be getting their numbers, but checking them out in front of you is disrespectful too.  You deserve to be with someone who doesn’t make you feel like you’re competing with other women.

6. He doesn’t show affection in public.

Sure, your boyfriend might not be into PDAs, but if he doesn’t show any type of affection in public and acts like he’s embarrassed to be seen with you, then something is off.  Cut him loose.  You deserve a man who shows you how much he loves you, at home and in public.

7. He still has an account on Tinder.

Maybe he tells you that he’s only using Tinder as an ego boost or because all his friends are on there too.  But do you really believe him?  If your boyfriend hasn’t uninstalled the app from his phone, it’s because he’s still using it to pick up women.

8. He doesn’t include you in future plans.

He gets tickets for a football game but doesn’t invite you along.  He makes plans to go out on the weekend but doesn’t ask you to come along.  He talks about how he’s going to get a place downtown but doesn’t mention anything about you living together.  If you’re starting to get a feeling that you’re not as important as you believed you were, do not ignore that feeling.  It’s time to move on.

You deserve nothing less than the best.  If the guy you’re dating is doing one or a few of the things we mentioned above, cut him loose now.

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New Jersey Singles Reviews Top 10 Signs He’s Cheating

You’ve been happy with your boyfriend for a long time now, but something feels off lately.  The last thing you want to believe is that he’s cheating on you.  How can you tell for sure without strapping him down to a lie detector?

He’s been acting weird with his phone lately, and you’re very confused by his recent behavior.  His behavior is starting to take a toll on the relationship, and you want to know what in the world is going on.

To ease your worries, New Jersey Singles reviews the telltale signs your guy is cheating and using his phone to do it.

single women in new jersey

1. He’s always on his phone.

Long gone are the days where he used to spend quality time with you.  Nowadays, he’s constantly engrossed in his phone.  When the two of you are spending quality time together, he never even looks at you because he’s looking at his phone.  Who could he be talking to?

2. He keeps the screen out of your sight.

Your guy always seems to be messaging people, or perhaps one specific woman.  You spotted the message coming in or heard the beeping noise.  He is replying to the message in front of you but has turned his screen away so you can’t see who he’s writing to.  Ladies, if your man keeps his screen out of your line of vision, you have every right to wonder who he’s talking to.

3. He responds nonchalantly when you ask him who he’s messaging.

You heard the WhatsApp noise on his phone and saw him writing back.  But when you ask him who he’s talking to, he tells you no one.  Come on, now, you just saw him writing!

4. He looks at his phone every two seconds.

You both heard that ding, so you both know he got a message.  Of course, he has to check that.  But he doesn’t just check his phone when it beeps and dings.  He looks down at it every two or three seconds.  We can only wonder who he’s waiting for so impatiently to hear from.

5. He puts his phone away after he uses it.

As soon as he responds to a message, he puts his phone away and flips it upside down so you can’t see the screen.  It’s almost like he doesn’t want you to see who he’s talking to.  If your boyfriend is putting his phone away after he reads his messages, you have every right to be suspicious.

6. He stepped up his social media game.

Ladies, this is a huge red flag that something is going on.  If your guy has never been active on social media and is all the sudden bombarding Facebook and Instagram with selfies or is liking a specific woman’s photos, warning bells should be going off.

7. He’s taking a lot of selfies.

Perhaps Instagram is to blame for this, but you’ve walked in on him taking many selfies over the last few weeks.  Yet since you never got any of them, you have to wonder who he’s sending those selfies to.

8. He abruptly stops talking on the phone when you walk in the room.

Your guy knows you wouldn’t care if you walked in on him talking to his dad or best friend.  So why is he all the sudden leaving the room or ending his calls?  It just doesn’t make any sense.  If he stops doing whatever he’s doing the second you come in, it’s because he’s guilty of something.

9. He takes his phone everywhere he goes.

When he runs to the grocery store to grab milk, his phone goes with him.  When he goes to the bathroom at home, his phone goes with him there too.  He literally takes his phone everywhere he goes.

10. He won’t let you use his phone.

You want to make a call because your cell phone is dead and ask to use his.  He tells you that you can’t because he’s waiting for an important call.  Why can’t your boyfriend let you use his phone?  Because he’s afraid his new girlfriend is going to message while you’re on the phone.

If your boyfriend is doing a few of these things, then it’s safe to say he’s stepping out on you.  While it might not be the news you want to hear, it’s better to find out now rather than later.

If you’re tired of dating cheaters and jerks, it’s time to let our New Jersey matchmakers introduce you to the men you deserve to date.  Call 1 (888) 417-0020 to book your 100% FREE, in-depth matchmaking consultation today.

New Jersey Singles Reviews 6 Signs of a Possessive Girlfriend

Extreme jealousy is unhealthy.  There are a lot of couples who think it’s okay to be jealous and accept jealousy from their partners.  However, as professional matchmakers, we know too much jealousy is never healthy.  There’s a difference between being concerned and being jealousy.  And you definitely don’t want to cross the line into jealousy.  Constant phone checking, complaining and questioning will only end up driving one partner away.  If you’re dating a woman who’s acting a little jealous, it can be downright annoying.

If your relationship has reached a serious point, then you must walk away before it gets worse.  No one wants to start the new year with negativity.

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews signs of a jealous and possessive girlfriend you can’t afford to ignore.  If you spot these signs, then you know what you need to do.

single women in new jersey

1. She panics when you don’t answer the phone.

This is a telltale sign of a jealous and possessive girlfriend.  If you miss one call, do you get bombarded with messages questioning why you didn’t answer?  If the answer is yes, then you know she’s jealous.  She just can’t bear the fact that you didn’t answer her call.  In her mind, you were probably with another woman.

2. She expects you to give her minute-by-minute plays.

If your girlfriend expects you to tell her every single detail of your life, that’s a red flag she’s possessive.  Where did you go for breakfast?  What did you eat?  What time did you go to the bathroom?  Etc, etc.  Your life is no longer private because she expects to know every detail.  Being concerned and caring is one thing, but she’s taken it to the extreme.  Get to know these signs and put an end to it right now if you spot them.

3. Suspicious is her last name.

Does your girlfriend have all your passwords for your social media accounts?  Does she have access to your cell phone?  She might have taken the passwords from you after days of fighting.  But that’s not fair.  These are clear signs of an unhealthy relationship.  You don’t want to be with a woman who is stalking your social media pages and has no trust in you.

4. She fights in public.

Let’s face it, no one wants to get into a fight in public.  If your girlfriend doesn’t know how to keep her cool in public settings, that’s a major red flag for you.  When your girlfriend starts picking fights with you in public, and starts to scream out loud, you should definitely put a stop to that by ending the relationship.  You are clearly in a toxic relationship.

5. She tags along with you everywhere you go.

You no longer know the meaning of “me time” because your girlfriend tags along everywhere you go.  Together forever is her favorite quote.  If she tags along even when you’re going to guys’ night out, then she’s jealous and possessive.  She does this because she doesn’t want you hanging out with anyone without her.  She doesn’t trust you, which is why she goes along everywhere you go.

6. She doesn’t tolerate late responses.

Have you ever made the mistake of replying late to one of her texts?  Even five minutes late is enough to make her angry.  Every time you get a text from her, she expects you to drop whatever you’re doing to send her a reply.  It doesn’t matter if you’re in the middle of a work conference, getting on a plane, or just getting out of the shower, she doesn’t tolerate a late response.  Your girlfriend expects you to reply right away.

There’s nothing worse than being in a relationship with a woman who is jealous and possessive.  So tell us, has your girlfriend shown any of the signs our matchmakers mentioned above?  If so, it’s time to end this toxic relationship now before it takes a turn for the worst.

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New Jersey Singles Reviews Why Not to Rush a Relationship for the Holidays

Being single during the holidays is very depressing, especially when you’re whole family is badgering you about your single status and why this is the fourth Christmas in a row that you’ve been single.  Plus, tis the season for endless holiday parties and dinners where everyone basically has a date but you.  At least you can eat all you want, right?  But as lonely as the holiday season might seem, it’s better than rushing into a new relationship to avoid feeling lonely.

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews why you shouldn’t rush a new relationship during the holidays.

singles in new jersey

1. They’re likely to meet your family too soon.

Introducing your new love interest to your parents is hard enough on its own, but when you bring someone new to a holiday function there’s a good chance they’ll have to meet your entire family, which will also include nosy Aunt Tori.  Are they ready for that?  Are you ready for the unwanted barrage of questions that’s sure to come while home for the holidays?

2. You’ll have to meet their family.

The only thing worse than being judged by their parents for a night is being judged by their entire family.  Chances are they’ll like you, but it’s definitely a huge commitment.  It’s one of those things that couples wait a while to do.  If you’re still learning about them, it might be too soon to go to their family get togethers.

3. You’ll have to buy them presents.

Money is always tight during the holiday season.  The last thing you need to worry about is getting someone new a gift.  Buying the right present for your mom can be tough enough, and you’ve known her your entire life.  Just think about how stressful it will be to buy for someone who you’re just getting to know and figure out.  That stressful shopping experience should be avoided for now.

4. Do you really know them well enough to bring them to a work party?

It’s uncomfortable enough to have a few drinks with your boss and senior executives—those all-important people to impress.  There’s nothing like alcohol to help you do something embarrassing that everyone will be talking about the next day.  If you’re just meeting your new love interest, you might not know how they act under the influence.  What if they get on the table at your Christmas party?  For the sake of your future career you might want to go alone.

5. The honeymoon stage will be cut short.

Those first few months when everything is new and exciting is perhaps the best part of a new relationship.  But if you start dating someone new around the holidays, you’ll end up meeting their parents, buying them a gift, and maybe sleeping in the same room as your new love interest.  That’s just too much too soon.  You’ll cover all the early milestones too quickly and rush through them without actually enjoying them.

6. You might not feel comfortable eating so much in front of them.

Christmas dinners are known for being feasts.  This is the time when everyone overindulges with delicious dishes and desserts.  It’s true, everyone eats without regret over the holidays.  Are you comfortable eating that much in front of your partner?  Do you want to feel stuffed, bloated, and cranky when you’re trying to put your best foot forward in this new relationship?

7. You have to go to their events too.

Talk about over packing your holiday calendar!  You already have enough events of your own to attend, but now you’ll have to go to theirs too.  Ugh, need we say more?

8. There’s a lot of pressure to get serious.

Meeting their parents or high school friends should happen naturally—usually after a few months of serious dating.  But if you start dating around the holidays, you’re expected to join them at all functions.  That’s a lot of pressure to get serious fast.

Remember that there’s nothing wrong with riding solo for the holidays.  The worst thing you can do is rush into a new relationship to avoid feeling lonely.  Don’t ever bring someone into your life unless you seriously see a future with them.

If you’re single and ready to meet relationship-minded singles in New Jersey, contact our professional matchmakers today.  Call 1 (888) 417-0020 to book your 100% FREE, in-depth matchmaking consultation with Jersey’s best matchmakers today!